Lancaster County

Lancaster County

Lancaster County

  1. Check-In Begins: 5:00 p.m.
  2. Caucus Call To Order: 6:00 p.m. (1 hour after check-in begins)


LD21      Precincts 1D4, 1D9, 1D10, 1E4, 1E5, 1E6, 1E8, 1E9, Oak

Schoo Middle School—Gym,  700 Penrose Drive, 68521

Precincts  1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 2D3, Middle Creek, 2D5 (LD 32)

Arnold Elementary School—Gym,  5000 Mike Scholl Street, 68524  

Precincts  1D1, 1D6, 1D7, 1E2, 1E3, 1E7

West Lincoln Elementary School—Gym, 630 W Dawes Avenue, 68521     

Precincts  Elk, Rock Creek, West Salt

Malcolm Fire Barn – Malcom Road, Malcom  68402

LD 25   Precincts 10E1, 10F6, 10F10, 10F11, 10F12, 10F14, 10G1, 10G2, 10G3, 10G4, 10G5, 10G6, 10G7, 10H2,

Lincoln East High School—Gym,  1000 S 70th Street, 68510

Precincts 9H4, 9H6, 10E10, 10E11, 10E14, 10E15, 10E16, 10F15, 10F16, 10H1, 10H3, 10H4, 10H6, Grant #3

Maxey Elementary School—Gym, 5200 S 75th Street, 68516

Precincts Stevens Creek, Waverly #2, Waverly North, Waverly South, North Bluff (LD 46)

Waverly VFW Hall – 13820 Guildford Waverly, NE 68462 

LD 26    Precincts 12A5, 12A7, 12A8, 12A9, 12C7

Kahoa Elementary School—Gym, 7700 Leighton Avenue, 68507

Precincts 12A10, 12B1, 12B2, 12B4, 12B6, 12B7, 12B8, Murdock South
Kahoa Elementary School—Multipurpose Room, 7700 Leighton Avenue, 68507

Precincts 11A2, 11B1, 11D2, 11E5, 11E10, 12A4, 12C2

Nebraska Wesleyan—Prairie Wolf A & B, 5000 St Paul Ave, 68505

Precincts 10A, 11E1, 11E3, 11E6, 11E7

Central Labor Union Hall, 4625 Y Street, 68503

LD 27      Precincts 5E6, 5E7, 5E8, 5E9, 6F1, 9F2, 9G1

Southwest High School—Commons, 7001 S 14th Street, 68512

Precincts 2C1, 2C2, 2C3, 2D1, 2D2, 5C1, 5C3, Garfield #1

Roper Elementary School—Gym, 2323 S Coddington Avenue, 68522 

Precincts 1A, 1A1, 2A, 5B1

Lakeview Elementary School – Cafeteria 300 Capitol Blvd, 68528

Precincts 5E5, 9F4, 9F5

IBEW 265 Electrical Workers Hall, 6200 South 14th Street, 68512

LD 28    Precincts 10B5, 10C4, 10C5, 10C6, 10C12, 10F3, 10F4, 10F5, 10F7

Lincoln East School—Cafeteria, 1000 S 70th Street, 68510

Precincts 4A, 6A1, 8A, 9A1, 9B1, 10B1

Park Middle School—Cafeteria, 855 S 8th Street, 68508

Precincts 10B2, 10B4, 10C7, 10D1, 10D2, 10D3

Randolph Elementary School—Gym, 1024 S 37th Street, 68510

Precincts 6D2, 6E1, 6E2, 9C1, 9D1, 9E1, 9E4

Prescott School School—Gym, 1930 S 20th Street, 68502 

Precincts 10C8,

Eastmont Towers—Assisted Living, Seasons Room, 6315 O Street, 68510

LD 29    Precincts 9E2, 9E5, 9F1, 9F3, 9F9, 9F10, 9G2, 9G4, 10D4, 10D8, 10E4, 10E5, 10E7, 10E8, 10E12, 10F1, 10F2

Southeast High School—Gym  2930 S 37th Street, 68506    

Precincts 9F11, 9G3, 9G5, 9G6, 9G7, 9G8, 9G9, 9H1, 9H2, 9H3, 9H5, 9H7, 9H8, Grant #4

Humann Elementary School—Gym    6720 Rockwood Lane, 68516

LD 30     Precincts 5E3, 5E4, 10H5, 10H7, Grant 1, Yankee Hill East

Southwest High School—Commons, 7001 S 14th Street, 68512

Precincts Grant 2, Nemaha, Stockton

Bennet Community Church, 350 Monroe Street, Bennet, NE 68317 

Precincts Hickman, Panama, Saltillo 1, Saltillo 2, South Pass

Norris School—Multi-Purpose, 25211 S 68th Street, Firth, NE 68358

LD 32    Precinct  Denton, Yankee Hill West

Denton Community Center, 7115 Lancaster Ave, Denton, NE 68339 

Precincts Buda, Centerville

Hallam Community Center, 315 Main St, Hallam 68521 

LD 46    Precinct  1D2, 1D5, 1D8, 12G1, 12G2

Campbell Elementary School—Gym, 2200 Dodge Street, 68521

Precinct 12C6, 12D, 12F

United Steelworkers, 5724 Seward Avenue, 68507

Precinct  11A1

Steamfitters & Plumbers Local  2945 N 36th St, 68504

Precinct 1B, 3D

UNL Downtown Campus – Multicultural Center

Precinct  7A

UNL East Campus—Student Union  Goldenrod Sunflower Room 

Precinct  3A, 7D2, 8C2

Malone Community Center—2032 U StLincoln, NE 

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